Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Fall 2022/Spamalot

  1. How many people will be accepted into the cast? We will be casting approximately 24 actors in our production of Spamalot, including ensemble.
  2. I was in a previous MTT production and/or participated in past MTT workshops/events and I want to come back! Am I guaranteed a spot in the cast? Past cast members will not receive preferential treatment in the audition room. This ensures that we are just welcoming and being fair to folks who have never been in MTT before!
  3. When will rehearsals be this year? Rehearsals for Spamalot will be on WEDNESDAY nights from 5:30-9:30 and SATURDAYS from 10:00-4:00, starting October 12th, 2022. The show itself will be November 26-27.
  4. I have class/work/another commitment on Wednesday rehearsal nights! What happens if I am unable to make it? Unfortunately, we require all cast members to be available for Wednesday rehearsals. If you let us know that you’ll be 15-30 minutes late because you have a commitment (but can still make it to most of the rehearsal), we can try to accommodate you. However, this may have implications on our casting decisions.
  5. I got a callback! Does that mean I’m in the show? Being called back for a role or the ensemble does not ensure your place in the cast. We invite more people than we can accept to callbacks so we can see you dance, as this is an important factor in our casting decisions.
  6. If I don’t get into the cast, can I be in the band or crew?You are welcome to apply/audition for the cast, band, and crew. Please list your preferences on the sign-up forms and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  7. How can I prepare for my audition? Check out this page for audition tips! For any Spamalot-specific inquiries, please email our director, Freya Woolgrove, at

If you have a specific question that wasn’t answered above, send an email to the Creative Team.