Elected by club members, the Executive Team is responsible for making sure the club runs as smoothly as possible. Among its many duties, the Executive Team organizes official club events, hires the Creative Team for productions, and creates official club content (event photographs, videos, and posters).

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UBC Musical Theatre Troupe Executive Team 2022/23

President: Emma Doig


President – Emma Doig @emmyrosed
🎓Year 5, English Literature and Creative Writing double major

🎭Favourite Musical: Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812
🎼Favourite Musical Number: Once And For All (Newsies)

💫Some fun facts and introduction✨
“Hi everyone! I am so excited to be your President this year! I am from Vancouver Island, and in addition to doing theatre, I also love to read and write (mostly Young Adult and Fantasy!), and I am a huge Taylor Swift fan! I’ve played two of the six Merry Murderesses from Chicago and a goal of mine is play all of them at some point in my life. I can’t wait to welcome you all into MTT this year!”

VP Internal: Sarah Sutherland-Pace

vp internalVP Internal – Sarah Sutherland-Pace @sarahsutherlandpace
🎓Year 2, Economics and Master’s in Management

🎭Favourite Musical: Hadestown
🎼Favourite Musical Number: Tonight Belongs to You (Prom)

💫Some fun facts and introduction✨
“Hi everyone! I am so excited to get to know all of you who are new to joining MTT! A fun fact about me is I used to be a synchronized swimmer which is why I love the dancing aspect of musical theatre. This is going to be my second year a part of the club and I look forward to all of the exciting things we have coming up. As VP Internal I can’t wait to connect with everyone further and discuss ways we can make the club even better! Please come say hi to me and if you ever have anything you want to discuss I’m here to support you!”

VP Finance: Ashley Babcock

vp financeVP Finance – Ashley Babcock @ashley.babcock
🎓Year 4, Commerce, Business Technology Management

🎭Favourite Musical: Chicago
🎼Favourite Musical Number: One Short Day (Wicked)

💫Some fun facts and introduction✨
“Hello everyone! I’m very excited to be on MTT’s Exec Team as VP Finance this year. I’ve been involved with MTT for 3 years, as Band Director and playing clarinet in the band. Looking forward to fun year ahead!”

VP External: Emily Hallam & Emilia Massoudi

vp external-2VP External – Emily Hallam @emily.hallam
🎓Year 5, Finance major, English Literature Minor


🎭Favourite Musical: Beetlejuice/ Something Rotten
🎼Favourite Musical Number: A Musical (Something Rotten)


vp external-1VP External – Emilia Massoudi @i_am_the_masss
🎓Year 3, major in Psychology and minor in Theatre

🎭Favourite Musical: Spamalot
🎼Favourite Musical Number: Finale (Great Comet)

💫Some fun facts and introduction✨
“I have a cat and I love her so much. Science museums for kids are FUN and I love going to them no matter WHAT anyone else says or thinks about me. Sharks are misunderstood and deserve the better treatment.”

VP Events: Alyssa Parker & Kevin Wang

vp events-2VP Events – Alyssa Parker @alyssa_s.p
🎓Year 2, hoping to major in Sociology

🎭Favourite Musical: Mamma Mia
🎼Favourite Musical Number: Dead Girl Walking (I love belting at 3AM)



💫Some fun facts and introduction✨
“I’m from Vancouver and a fun fact about me is that my first touring show I saw was Lion King.”

vp events-1 VP Events – Kevin Wang @kevin_wyb.kts
🎓Year 3, Biology

🎭Favourite Musical: Les Misérables
🎼Favourite Musical Number: On My Own (Les Misérables), Good For You (Dear Evan Hansen)



💫Some fun facts and introduction✨
“Hey everyone! I’m Kevin from Vancouver. The name Kevin is common and boring so you can also call me Krobus. I get to really bring out the inner theatre kid and no one is judging me when being in MTT because everyone is doing the same. I’m so excited to run events this year with Alyssa. Outside of out productions, events are our main way for our community to gather and share in our passion for musical theatre. We have so many nee ideas this year, so stay tuned!
Fun facts: I have three weakness: sweet things, karaoke, and capes.”

VP Marketing: Michelle Lee

vp-marketing-1VP Marketing – Michelle Lee @lly03
🎓Year 2, Theatre Design & Production

🎭Favourite Musical: Elisabeth
🎼Favourite Musical Number: For Good (Wicked)



💫Some fun facts and introduction✨
“Hi! I’m from Hong Kong and I can speak English, Chinese, Cantonese and Korean. I enjoy learning different languages through foreign musicals. Feel free to hit me up anytime if y’all need someone to talk with.”