Introducing our Musical Theatre Workshops!

Our musical theatre workshops are for anyone who wants to learn about musical theatre and get involved in our club!

These are the upcoming workshops:

These are the workshops we will be offering this year:

Intro to Crew Series

In this workshop we will talk about and teach the appreciation and basic knowledge of the production effort and design processes. We want this to be an entry-level opportunity for people to learn more about the crew and the process behind it.

This is a four part series. Each workshop will focus on the following:

  1. Organizational Theatre and Crew
  2. Liberalized Design
  3. Constrained Design
  4. Tech Week

Broadway Dance Series

In this workshop, we will learn iconic pieces of Broadway choreography and examine different styles of dance in broadway history.

This is a five part series.

  1. Dance Styles and Musicals
    1. Theatre Jazz
    2. Hip Hop
    3. Classic Broadway
    4. Pop
    5. Heels

Intro to Acting Series

Providing an opportunity to dive deeper into theatre acting in a way which we would not typically have time for during a full production schedule.

This is a three part series. Topics could include the following:

  1. It’s All in the Text
    1. Interpretation
    2. Speech
    3. Monologues
  2. Character Building
  3. How to Act and React
    1. Improv
    1. Acting Techniques (Meisner, etc)

Tap 101 Series

This workshop will give an introduction to the basic sounds and steps of Tap in classic musical theatre. Tap shoes are not required.

This is a 3 part series.

  1. Introduction to Sounds
  2. Combining Sounds
  3. Combinations

The Business of Theatre

In this workshop we will look at how the business aspects of production are run.

  1. Part 1: The Business of Theatre
    1. Core Objectives
    2. Portfolios involved
    3. Show selection/rights/venue search
    4. Finance
  2. Part 2: The Theatre of Business
    1. Marketing
    2. Human Resources
    3. Production Scheduling
    4. Production Management
    5. The Audience Experience

Intro to Sheet Music

In this workshop we will teach our new members how to read sheet music in a vocal musical theatre context. To help members feel more confident sight reading vocal books. Refresh people’s memories on reading sheet music

Intro to Choreo

In this workshop we will explain the process of being a choreographer and creating choreography for theatre.

This is a two part workshop.

  1. Part 1: Being a Choreographer
  2. Part 2: Fulfilling the Vision

Intro to Vocal Direction

In this workshop we will explain the process of being a Vocal director and instructing others in singing for musical theatre.

Intro to Band Direction

In this workshop we will explain the process of being a Band director and leading a group of musicians in playing for musical theatre.