A girl who reads a lot of books deals with a recent trauma be retreating into her mind, and going on epic adventures with characters from the stories she loves.””

Cast of Characters

Zoe: A troubled but passionate and intelligent young girl in her 20’s. Loves to read.

The Detective: A brilliant but emotionally scarred detective and a mirror image of ZOE.

Captain Jenny: A driven, brave, independent pirate captain. Has overcome heartbreak and become a total badass.

Sir Roderick: A well-meaning but hapless knight. Noble and slightly over- confident. He’s got a caring heart and is skilled with a sword, but not skilled at much else.

Jack: The definitive cowboy. Charming, somewhat goofy, morally upstanding; never runs from a fight. Kind of a big brother to ZOE.

Bonnie: Jack’s more level-headed counterpart. Big sister to ZOE. Very supportive.

Lady Madeleine: Roderick’s intelligent and talented sister. Strong and brave, but nurturing and kind as well.

Joel: The haunting ghost of Zoe’s deceased boyfriend, who she loved fiercely in life. Appears as a manifestation of Zoe’s guilt: angry at ZOE, even cruel towards her.

Dark Rider: A villainous outlaw with a hidden agenda, hunted by JACK and BONNIE.  

First Mate: CAPTAIN JENNY’s first mate. Loyal, strong and swashbuckling.  

Bos’n: Slightly dimwitted pirate, but as loyal and devoted as anyone in Jenny’s crew.

Lord Harold: Lady Madeleine’s loving husband. Quite unlucky.  

Sarah: ZOE’s best friend. Loves her to bits.

Zoe’s Mom: ZOE’s caring, worries about her all the time.