Thank you for your interest in submitting a script for our 24 Hour Musicals! Before you write your script, please follow the guidelines below:

Formatting Guidelines

  • Font: 12 point font
  • Format: see example here
  • File type: Word Document or PDF

Script Guidelines

  • 20 pages (approximately 20 minutes in length) maximum including songs
    • This does NOT include the title page, song list, cast list, etc.
  • A flexible cast that can be expanded or double-casted to fit 6-12 actors
  • 1-2 separate pages dedicated to a cast list, song list, and links to karaoke/instrumental song versions (see below)

Song/Music Guidelines

  • 5 songs (3-4 minutes each) maximum
    • Please consider that performers will be trying to learn and memorize your script within 24 hours
  • At least 1 ensemble musical number involving the full 6-12 person cast
    • Opening and closing numbers are great opportunities for the full cast to sing together
  • Provide links to karaoke/instrumental versions of songs in your script submission
    • We have no live musicians – performers will be accompanied by karaoke/instrumental tracks from Youtube.
    • If a karaoke/instrumental version of the song does not exist, we are unable to make a track and therefore cannot use the song

Submission Guidelines

  • Font: 12 point
  • File type: Word Document or PDF
  • Email scripts to
    • Subject line: [Your Full Name] 24 Hour Musical Script