The UBC Musical Theatre Troupe stands in solidarity with BIPOC communities around the world and we believe we have to stand together to challenge the systemic racism that is ingrained in our society.

The Musical Theatre Troupe’s mission statement is to “provide accessible musical theatre opportunities for the UBC community.” Today, we would like to propose an amendment. From now on, our mission is to “provide accessible and inclusive musical theatre opportunities for the UBC community.”

As a community, we have an obligation to foster the inclusion of all individuals. We must create a platform for a more diverse array of stories and a future of equity, inclusion and anti-racism. Moreover, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves and teach others how theatre, and especially Musical Theatre, has been used as a tool for oppression in the past.

Our Diversity and Inclusion plan is a working document that states the concrete actions we will take to help foster a more welcoming and educational environment.

This is a working document – we strive for continuous improvement and will update it based on the feedback and experiences of our community. 

Our club will: 
  1. Create an environment where our community can be heard, can tell their stories, and has a voice to speak up against injustice within our club.
    1. Ensure that members have a safe feedback platform
    2. Regularly encourage feedback to continuously improve and update our guidelines for our community
    3. Encourage an atmosphere of learning and engage students about the issues of racism and inclusivity in the institution of Theatre
    4. Create educational opportunities to understand how Musical Theatre has been used as a tool for oppression in the past.
  2. Ensure that the creative content we produce is inclusive and conducted in an inclusive manner.
    1. Select shows that represent the values of our community
    2. Create a safe and welcoming space for all in our events
    3. Ensure creative teams are educated on topics of diversity and inclusion to foster the best environment at rehearsals and performances
    4. Use our voice as a theatre club to participate in greater conversations to promote change and foster understanding within the greater UBC and Vancouver communities
  3. Stand in solidarity with BIPOC individuals
    1. Acknowledging the unforgettable impact BIPOC artists have had on theatre
    2. Support local BIPOC theatre, arts, and businesses through our events and marketing


As stated before, we hope this statement and document will evolve over time. We hope to involve club members in the constant revision of this mission to strive for continuous improvement.
If you have anything to add to this plan, please feel free to reach out with your feedback to