MTT is excited to be hosting a series of A Chorus Line – themed workshops ahead of our Spring 2022 production. All members are encouraged to participate throughout the fall to learn more about the club and the production, while learning new skills and helping develop the creative vision of A Chorus Line. 

Acting/Singing/Dancing/Crew Workshops

Our acting, singing, dancing, and crew workshops will happen every week. 

Week 1 Schedule

(Followed the week of September 20, October 4, 18, November 1, 15, 29)

Date/TimeWorkshop Theme
Wednesday 5-6:30pmActing
Wednesday 7-9pmCrew
Saturday 10am-12pmVocals
Saturday 1-2:30pmDance
Saturday 2:30-4pmVaries by week

Week 2 Schedule

(Followed the weeks of September 27, October 11, 25, November 8, 22)

Date/TimeWorkshop Theme
Wednesday 5-6:30pmVocals
Wednesday 7-9pmDance
Saturday 10am-12pmActing
Saturday 1-2:30pmCrew
Saturday 2:30-4pmVaries by week

For weekly updates, room booking announcements, and more information, please download slack and join our workspace.Β 

You should always bring snacks, a water bottle, and wear clothes you are comfortable moving around in.






NEST Performance Theatre (The Egg)

NEST 2306/2309

NEST Performance Theatre (The Egg)

NEST Performance Theatre (The Egg)



Our acting workshops will guide participants from basic acting skills towards understanding the A Chorus Line script and characters.

The first few weeks will focus on the structure and flow of musical theatre, taught through emotional, muscular, and sensory workshops. Then, we will learn about the themes and elements present in A Chorus Line. At the end of the semester, participants will apply their knowledge to scenes and monologues from the production.

These workshops are open to participants of all levels and will focus on different elements of acting and of the show in different weeks. Please arrive in comfortable clothing and bring snacks and water. For more detailed week-to-week updates, see the link below to join our slack workspace.


Our singing workshops aim to provide a space where students can explore and improve their vocal talents through the medium of musical theatre. Each week, participants will have the opportunity to develop their vocal technique and expression through a range of different solo and group repertoire. These workshops are perfect for anyone who is interested in having fun whilst expanding their skills as a performer. Some of the skills that will be covered in this workshop series include:

  • Healthy vocal technique: participants will learn the basics of breath support, projection, and singing effectively in different vocal registers
  • Ensemble singing: participants will focus on effectively listening and balancing their voices within a group (featuring repertoire from A Chorus Line, Hadestown, Sweeney Todd, and more)
  • Emotional delivery: participants will explore the intersection of voice and emotion – thinking holistically in order to embody different characters through voice
  • Solo work: participants will be able to shape their own solo songs with tailored feedback and coaching from MTT’s vocal team

Want to join? Be sure to bring a pencil, water bottle, and a mask you’ve tried singing in before! All other materials will be provided by MTT.


Our dancing workshops aim to provide a framework for understanding aspects of dance and choreography in the context of musical theatre. Each week will likely feature a short dance combination (which could come from your favourite musical!). This workshop is perfect for anyone who is interested in having fun whilst expanding their skills as a dancer and performer.Some of the learning outcomes of this workshop series include:

  • Learning simple dance movements and skills to help you feel at home in any dance class/workshop
  • Understanding texture, the pairing of intensity and intention in movement
  • Developing a sense of spacial awareness in moving as an individual and as part of a group

Want to join? Be sure to grab your water bottle, get dressed in some comfy clothes and shoes, and get ready to dance!


Our crew workshops aim to provide participants with practical skills in elements of design and technical theatre. This is all in service to understanding the creative process of devising a show. Each week participants will learn about new and exciting elements of technical theatre like costuming, lighting design and construction. This workshop is perfect for people ready to get their hands dirty and put their creative skills to the test. By the end of the semester, participants should hope to develop skills in a multitude of areas including:

  • Breaking down the necessary design elements of a scene
  • Learning the basics of sound designed sound mixing
  • Practical set design and construction

Crew hopefuls should come to workshops with fresh ideas and an open mind. All materials will be provided.

COVID-19 Precautions

All participants must prove they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 with the BC Vaccine Card (or equivalent). Masks must be worn at all times. We will be collecting the names and phone numbers of all participants for contract tracing purposes. Please do not attend workshops if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or should be isolating. 


YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THE WORKSHOPS DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU A ROLE IN THE SPRING PARTICIPATION OF A CHORUS LINE. You will be required to sign a contract stating that you understand this condition to participate.